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Huachuang Cloud Platform Internet of Things application system

Product introduction:

Cloud platform system is an Internet of things application system developed based on the principle of cloud computing. It can connect to most of the Internet of Things hardware on the market through various standard and non-standard protocols, and easily realize information collection and equipment control in industry, agriculture, environmental protection and other fields. The system has more than 40 functions and hundreds of components. Users can freely combine the required functional modules and interface styles according to their needs. Even non-professionals who do not know programming can freely and quickly build the Internet of Things system suitable for their own needs. The system uses B/S architecture and supports PC programs, mobile apps, wechat small programs, etc., to meet the needs of users in different scenarios.

At present, the company has served 35 end-users in various industries and fields in China, such as railway, construction, communication, electronics, building materials, river courses, chemical industry, reservoirs, water supply and drainage system, regional ecological environment system, etc., with annual long-distance services of more than 100 times. Create excellent scene application effect, won the customer's unanimous praise!

Scope of application:

1. Remote unpopulated areas: similar to unpopulated areas or sparsely populated areas such as Tibet and Qinghai, which generally have no power supply, wired network or even wireless network and need to be equipped with solar panels.

2. Mountain mining area: mountain and mining area with incomplete infrastructure and surrounded by power cable network but with high cost.

3. Large enterprises: large and super-large enterprises, such as steel mills and chemical plants, whose data collection point is far away from the data center and whose wired transmission cost is too high.

4. Close-range complex environment: suitable for data collection point and data center are very close, but need to cross railway, airport, river, road and other complex environment,

5. Decentralized environment of data collection points: generally large enterprises or production bases and monitoring points with centralized information collection are in highly decentralized environments.

Features of the Internet of Things application system of Huachuang Cloud Platform:

1. low comprehensive cost, more stable performance.

2. flexible networking, good scalability, plug and play.

3. Low maintenance cost.

4. Implement transmission and automatically form a video database.

5. Connectivity, centralized monitoring and management, intelligent perception, identification and management.

6. Realize the function display of mobile terminal.






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